Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät

Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät says thanks for the excellent job. Everything went just great! It has been a wonderful, lovely and fun journey. We have done things out there in the world and played all over the place.

We have played in all of the foreign countries. I don’t want to name them but we have visited all of the foreign countries. The music production technology was not great in some places and the sound didn’t come out loud enough, but all in all the music was really audible.

The final record is now finished. The name of the record is ”Letkukytkentöjä”. There was a rehearsal in the studio. When we got it right, we put the tape recorder on and started recording. We did a vinyl record, CD and cassette. It went just like it was supposed to: right!

All of these are recorded and produced with a tape recorder. We have made 37 albums, haven’t we? Oon one of them there was three grannies drinking tea from tiny cups.

On the cover of ”Letkukytkentöjä” there is a lake, forest and a person I think.

Don’t snatch a album snatch my album! That is what we have written on the shirts. We have done other kinds of shirts and caps as well. On one shirt there is Lena Zavaroni and it says Karanteeni (Quarantine). We have done all kinds of shirts and products. Bags too.

I want to thank you all! – Pertti
  • Pertti

    Pertti Kurikka should learn to listen to what people say. He should constrain the guitar action. The guitar should stay quiet if Sami has something to say. Remember the guitar goes hush!

  • Kari

    Kari Aalto sang the song ”Eläimet” well. Kari is a good singer. He sings very beautifully. Kari might also play the drums.

  • Sami

    Sami Helle played the bass pretty swell. Sami said: Pertti play like you should be playing, not like whatever. After that the band played well.

  • Toni

    Toni Välitalo played wrong sometimes but we play right and not wrong. Just like you should play: right! Toni was a good drummer in PKN and Pertti added some more edge with his guitar